Best Places to Play in the USA

Let’s face it, being a kid is great! They get to play and don’t have to take on the responsibilities an adult does.


The line between what is real and imaginary for a kid is where they live; it’s a great feeling to step over that line into the realm of the imaginary. Entire afternoons have been known to be nothing but imaginary play for kids.

Each child has what they consider their best place to play whether it be a huge box or a mud pit in the back yard.

Or perhaps it’s a cushion fort the kids have made inside because it is pouring rain outdoors; wherever it is, each child has a set of dreams in which they attempt to stretch their minds and bodies, a world of play and experimentation that lends them a whole new world in which to learn and experiment.

Best of all, they are having just plain old-fashioned fun. Here are three spots in the U.S. that are considered some of the best places for kids to play.

Berkeley Marina Adventure Playground, Berkeley, CA

Although this adventure playground model first popped up in Europe in the 1940s, Berkeley made an effort to bring this type of play to the U.S.

Play is only slightly supervised as kids are allowed to learn by using saws, paints and hammers while they pick up trash, stray nails or any other type of trash around this site.

Kids age seven and up are able to ride the zip line and work by themselves to build their own landscape of dreams, while the younger kids must stay within the reach of the parents.

Best of all, this site is free for families of four of fewer. Check out this playground which has been listed as one of America’s top 10 playgrounds.

Pier 6 Playgrounds, Brooklyn, NY

This is not only an awesome playground for those kids living in Manhattan, but also for those tourists who are visiting New York.


There are ten swing sets, giant climbers, two-story slides, a huge 6,000 square foot sandbox and a marsh garden.

Your kids can cool off with a water-jet spray when they are finished playing or anytime they get too hot. There is a Pizza shop on site and ice cream nearby at Pier Five. This is one awesome playground.

City Museum, St. Louis, MO

If your kids love to crawl and climb, this is the place for them. There is an amazing roof playground and enchanted caves as well as a museum that’s full of mosaics and sculptures.

From the caves to the roof playground and an artist-built museum which is stuffed full of sculptures designed for hiding, climbing and sliding, some even suggest knee pads for the museum.

Kids flock to the sinewy steel climbers and multistory slides that loop through both indoor and outdoor exhibits. On the roof there is a giant praying mantis, a school bus, a pond, swiveling chairs, and slides. To top it off, there is a Ferris wheel with sweeping views of St. Louis.

Two other fantastic playgrounds to visit if you are out and about are The Rory Meyers Children’s Adventure Garden, Dallas, TX and Clemyjontri Park, McLean, VA. Letting your kids play is one of the nicest things any parent can do.

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