Biggest Science Mysteries

Stillborn Birth

Throughout the years, scientists and medical practitioners come across medical cases that they cannot explain. Scientists cannot explain exactly what happened in such instances. People tend to interpret such cases as the work of a supernatural being or simply pure luck.


Here are the top 5 biggest medical mysteries that have baffled the science community.

The Case of A Teenager Waking During Surgery

Iga Jasica

A teenage Polish girl shocked her doctors when she woke up mid-surgery and started giving them stories. Iga Jasica, a 19-year old girl was undergoing brain surgery to remove a brain tumor.

The teenage girl gave the doctors stories of how she missed being home. Doctors were baffled by the fact she was under heavy anesthesia and still regained consciousness.

Doctors presiding the surgery thought that while operating on her brain could have resulted with her regaining consciousness. Other professionals argue that the anesthesia wasn’t properly administered.

Occurrence of Migraines


Migraines have for a long time perplexed doctors of how they occur. Although migraines are genetically transferred, doctors still can’t identify the gene carrying this strain. If a parent suffers from migraines then the child is 40% more likely more to suffer from migraines.

When both parents suffer from migraines then there is a 90% chance that the children will suffer from migraines. Doctors, however, are not sure how migraines are related to genetics. Migraines have continued to remain an accountable subject among doctors.

The Case of a Woman Getting Seizures When She hears Ne-Yo’s Voice

A British woman is said to get epileptic seizures whenever she hears Ne-Yo’s voice. Whenever she hears the American pop singer’s voice she is said to stop in her tracks and epileptic episode.


The British mom says she first got her seizure in 2006. She claimed to have been undergoing a stressful period and was feeling sick before that. After New Year’s day of 2006 while listening to one of Ne-Yo’s songs “Give Me Everything” is when she experienced the seizure.

She is now forced to wear noise-canceling headphones while on the streets so as not to hear any Ne-Yo song. Scientists have not been capable of explaining as to why she is suffering from this unique problem.

The Famous Case of The Dress

A viral social media photo of a dress has continued to be debated up to date. Social media users are asked to name the color of the dress and two common answers arise. Some users see the dress as blue and black whereas others see the dress to be white and gold.

The author claims that the dress is actually white and gold in color but Internet users despite her claim. Scientists claim that people have a different color interpretation of the dress in the brain.

Cases of Stillborn Births

Stillborn Birth

Scientists are still baffled how stillborn births occur. The problem is more prevalent when the child is of the female gender. No clear answer about how it occurs and why it happens.

Stillborn Birth
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