Birthstones And What They Mean?

A birthstone, is a gemstone associated with the date of one’s birth, the wearing of which is commonly thought to bring good luck or health. Supernatural powers have long been attributed by astrologers to certain gemstones.

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The stones now associated with each month, as listed below, have only slight relationship to the ancient beliefs, for the list is tempered by availability and cost.

Before mineralogy had progressed to the point of chemical analysis, colour was of greater importance than some of the other physical characteristics, and little distinction was made between emerald and chrysoprase, for example, or between ruby and garnet, or between citrine and topaz.

When it came to the ability to heal or bring good luck, the actual stone and the look-alikes were regarded as equally effective.


Name of precious stones: GARNET
Color: Dark Red.
Meaning: Strength, friendship, protection, success.


Name of precious stones: AMETHYST
Color: Purple.
Meaning: Courage, protection, spiritual, wisdom, healing.



Name of precious stones: AQUAMARINE
Color: Light blue
Meaning: Protection, meditation, calming the soul, peace, healing.


Name of precious stones: DIAMOND
Color: Transparent bright
Meaning: Healing, lasting, energy-supply, loyalties, strength, purity.


Name of precious stones: EMERALD
Color: Green
Meaning: Love, hope, wisdom, loyalty, healing


Name of precious stones: MOONSTONE
Color: White milk
Meaning: Intuition, inspiration, luck, love, protection.


Name of precious stones: RUBY
Color: Red
Meaning: Healing, love, courage, passion.



Name of precious stones: PERIDOT
Color: Light Green
Meaning: Purity, admiration, healing, morality


Name of precious stones: SAPPHIRE
Color: Blue
Meaning: a symbol of heavenly, healing, fidelity, divinity, purity of soul.


Name of precious stones: TOURMALINE
Color: Green, pink, brown, black
Meaning: Healing, power, spiritual maturity, kindness, tolerance, balance.


Name of precious stones: TOPAZ
Color: Yellow, white, clear, blue, orange
Meaning: awareness, confidence, protection, love, charisma, healing.


Name of precious stones: TURQUOISE
Color: Blue-green
Meaning: Truth, wisdom, learning, peace, friendship

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