Cory Machado: a Professional Wrestler Who Seeks to Eradicate Hunger

Cory Machado

We are living in the toughest of times, and that is not even a debatable topic. Apart from the minority one per cent of people in the world who are enjoying the largest revenues, there are billions of other people who find it difficult to get a decent meal or even provide the basics for their families.


People from other parts of the world, especially less developed countries are constantly looking for ways to get into countries like the united states of America where it might be easier for them to get a job. However, even in countries like that, it is not so easy to get a decent job, and it would require effort patience and most importantly education.

On top of the stress associated with finally getting a job when you do get one, there is no job security as your employer might decide to let you go because of something, you did that he doesn’t like. Despite all the odds it is essential to keep a positive mind and do the best you can hope that the reward and results will eventually come.

Cory Machado

When vital subjects like this that affect millions of lives are being discussed, it is very essential that public figures begin to step in as well and one great example of a public figure that has chosen to get involved is a professional wrestler Cory Machado. Cory is a Portuguese American wrestler who has been in the wrestling business for a few years now and already had investments in a few charity organisations and programs. Now the professional wrestler is on a mission to help people in dire need and also end hunger.

What exactly is the end hunger mission?

Cory Machado fell in love with wrestling while he was still a young child and had to watch the sports with his grandfather who didn’t know a word of English. And in the present, every single fight he gets involved in is dedicated to his grandfather whom he loved as well as the millions of people in dire need and those fighting through challenging life situations. The NPWL wrestlers mission to put an end to hunger came as a result of him getting to see the millions of people who find it difficult to get a basic meal and who are constantly struggling each day and week to carry their families forward by providing the basic needful.

One may assume that the wrestler probably had a rough childhood and is trying to prevent other people from experiencing the same, but on the contrary, Machado suggests that he had a very pleasant childhood and the end hunger mission is just a way to give back to society and help as many people as they can.

The wrestler’s interest in people’s living condition and situation all started in 2014 when he was surfing the net and found out about a tragic accident in which a high school student known as Ashley lost her life. Once I got knowledge of the incident he reached out to her family and did as much as he could to console them along with that the wrestler started a few projects in which invested in supporting the maintenance and repairs of roads all over his country. Machado has been affected by peoples living conditions ever since then, and it does the best he can to help.

Now the professional wrestler has become a part of the Feeding America organisation, and he’s trying to help millions across the united states of America in collaboration with the organisation. Cory Machado says that his final goal is to keep helping people all around the world as much as they can especially those who are in need and those who are having a bit of tough luck. The wrestler is all about positivity as a keeps playing emphasis on the power of a positive mindset. And as he would always say it is necessary for us to nourish the greens in our crop but keep the weed out which is it is important for us to stay positive and let go of all forms of negative thinking.


There is no doubt white millions of people have a smile on their face whenever they set eyes on cory; he sure is one excellent entertainer.

The current mission is involved in with the feeding America organisation has set a goal to provide a million meals, to begin with for every ticket that anybody buys through the feeding America the wrestler will be donating 10 meals. Cory said he decided to embark on this mission because he feels the need to and he also has the capacity and opportunity to support it.

Cory Machado has set a very good example for entertainers and other public figures and successful people. His passion for getting involved in issues that affect billions of lives goes to show that if the successful amongst us decide to get involved in issues that matter alot of changes will be made in no time. This wonderful guy deserves all the compliments we can give, and we do not intend to hold those back.

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Cory Machado
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