Disney on a Dime

Most people will agree that a trip to Disney is a dream come true, but after they learn just how expensive this adventure can be they begin having second thoughts.


Every child and most parents would love the chance to meet Mickey and Minnie and the rest of the gang while enjoying the magical events and attractions found at the theme park, but this is possible only if the budget will allow.

If you’re ready to head to Disney, but cost is holding you back, we have a few tips that will help you cut the costs of your trip dramatically and make it a trip you can make. Keep reading to learn how to save and earn that ‘Best Parent of the Year’ trophy.

First, when are you planning to make your Disney trip? If schedules will allow, plan your vacation during off-season to save a ton of cash.

Off-season at Disney includes the month of January, the week after Labor Day until the week before Thanksgiving and the week after Thanksgiving until the week before Christmas.

You’ll also find smaller crowds the end of August and early September, as well as beautiful weather.

By visiting Disney during one of these off-peak times, savings of 25% to 65% is possible. Hotel costs are lower, theme park admission is lower, attractions cost less… it’s a win-win situation.

Almost all of the Disney-themed restaurants offer buffet style meals. These deals are generally all you care to eat. Take advantage of a buffet since you’re sure to eat enough to get full so you’re not ready to eat again a short time later. You’ll save a lot of money!

Speaking of eating, Disney has a restaurant that offers the chance for your child to have breakfast with their favorite characters.

This is one of the most special memories you can create at Disney, but it’s also expensive. Rather than spend $50 per person at the restaurant, head down to Town Square at Main Street for meet and greet autograph session with the characters.


Did you know that Disney will allow you to bring in your own water bottle? You can fill it up at any of the numerous fountains found scattered throughout the park. Sure beats paying $2.50 + for a bottle.

Now, we all know that saving on any vacation requires you to compare costs of your airfare, hotel, etc. If you don’t compare you can’t save.

Thanks to the web it takes little effort to compare, with huge savings your reward. While comparing, consider purchasing vacation packages that include airfare, hotel, attraction tickets and car.

Disney also offers ‘Magic Your Way’ packages that also includes meal plans. Booking one of these packages can help you get the full Disney experience for a whole lot less.

We left you off at part one with tips for saving money on your hotel and airfare at Disney. We’re going to get right back into the Disney money-saving tips and ideas so you can schedule your vacation sooner rather than later.

One of the easiest ways to save on your trip to Disney is to carefully choose your hotel. Staying off of the grounds of the theme park alone is enough to save a nice chunk of change, but that’s just the start of what you’ll find as far as hotel savings is concerned.

If you stay off of the Disney grounds, look at the hotels amenities. You can book a hotel nearby the theme park for as little as $30 per night, with options such as free Disney shuttle, free breakfast and other similar ideals.

Go check out the Disney website. On the top of the page you’ll see a tab titled ‘special offers.’ Go ahead and click. This tab is your friend.

Once you click you’ll see all of the discounted offers available for tickets, food and more. The deals found in this section change all of the time but you can always expect it to be very much worthwhile.

You must also look for other discounts if you want to save money on your Disney trip. The military is one group of individuals who receive significant discounts on the cost of admission and other Disney-related fun.


Military can also enjoy free and discounted admissions of some of the nearby fun, including SeaWorld. The Magic Kingdom Club is a program available to companies.

If your company is a part of the program you can enjoy nice discounts. Automobile agencies might offer discounts as well.

Search high and low to find all of the deals that are too good to pass up. You have the Internet so you have all that you need to find the most awesome deals.

The Orlando Convention and Visitor’s Bureau is another wonderful source of Disney discounts. The Orlando Magicard is your ticket to savings.

You can view any of the deals on their website, print the offer (or use your smartphone) and get the deal.

There is an array of discounts available with this special card, including those for attractions, hotels, dining, sports/ spas, nightlife events and more. This is most definitely a deal not to miss.

You can travel to Disney without spending an arm and a leg with proper planning and the right tools put into place. Use this information to help you plan the vacation of a lifetime with all of your favorite characters.

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