Easter Traditions


I have so many beautiful memories of my childhood from huge Easter gatherings with my family. The night before, my mom and I would dye eggs and take them to my aunt and uncle’s house to use in our family egg hunt.


My cousins all did the same. The adults would hide all of the eggs throughout the property and while we were searching, they would spend that time cleaning up from the huge meal prior to the event.

That evening, my uncle, who was a drummer, and his band would play a set and we would all dance and run around. This was our family tradition for many years.

One year that sticks out for me the most was the time we had to take our egg hunt indoors due to a huge storm.

A few eggs were not found and for weeks the smell of rotting egg was so powerful my aunt was ready to move! Someone had hidden one beneath the heat grate, so when the heat would come on, the smell would flow throughout the house. We were forced to switch to plastic for all future hunts.

I am so glad that I can pass down my traditions to my son but also create new ones with him. We dye eggs together and I indulge in tales of the Easter Bunny who delivers a basket of goodies to all little boys and girls. We get his photo taken with the bunny each year and have an egg hunt.

Something new that we do together that I did not have growing up is attending church service and learning the true story of Easter. We hear the story of the resurrection following an egg hunt at the church and he and I do a craft that goes with the story.

This holiday, share some of the traditions with your children you had growing up. Create some new ones that will be passed down for generations to come. You never know how something so simple can mean so much to them. Most importantly, have a wonderful and blessed Easter.

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