Go On a Treasure Hunt at the Beach!

One of the most fun times I have had at the beach is going on a treasure hunt with my kids. We wear our suits so we don’t get our clothes wet when we are near the shore and a big wave comes up.


We wear t-shirts so we don’t get sunburned and hats are also a must. A little sunscreen on the face and legs will go a long way, too.

We usually wear flip-flops/jellies or old sneakers to protect our feet from any sharp objects. Give each child a strong bag or a small bucket to carry their loot.

When I have gone with my kids, we looked for shells, driftwood, and beach glass to use for crafts and in other art projects. It is exciting to walk along looking for all these little treasures.

The children squeal when they find what they think is a unique, one of a kind piece. When we get done, we sit down to look at all of our treasures, each one as special as the child who found it.

We have the most fun with the sea or beach glass we find. It is pieces of broken bottles and other objects that were dropped or discarded in the water.

It breaks into pieces of various sizes and colors and is ground smooth by the action of the water and sand.

It is beautiful and catches the eye. There are differences between sea glass and beach glass. Sea glass is tempered by salt water and beach glass is formed in fresh water large lakes or rivers.

There are a lot of things you can do with beach or sea glass. You can make jewelry by wrapping small pieces of the glass with wire to attach it.

Or you can use it for pendants, earrings, necklaces and other jewelry using regular jewelry findings from a store. Clear silicone adhesive is good to use for these projects.


The kids can also make a wreath out of the smooth glass by using a mosaic or random pattern around a round piece of cardboard, making sure the pieces of glass are glued on tightly.

The glass has a variety of uses ranging from using it in paintings and drawings, filling a glass bowl with the glittery pieces, or making wall art with it.

The glass can also be used to decorate Christmas ornaments, used on plaques with children’s hand prints, decorate a vase or use your own imagination to create something that has never been seen before.

Glitter paint adds sparkle when sprayed onto an art project. Just let your kids’ guide you and they may come up with plenty of ideas you never thought of. No doubt you will all have fun!

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