How Checking Your Phone During Lectures Can Cause You to Fail?

Phone During Lectures

Many of us are used to using our gadgets in school for a plethora of reasons. Perhaps it is because we find ourselves in an era defined by the use of technological smart gadgets which are getting smarter by the day that is why we allow them into almost every aspect of our lives, including the classroom aspects.

But a new research carried out at the University of Rutgers proved that we should have it otherwise and if possible keep the Gadgets from students’ hands during lectures as it interferes with long-term Memory retention.

The researchers who conducted an in-class experiment found out that using electronic devices during a lecture can cost students between 5% to 50% of their marks in their end-of-term exams.

A class of 118 cognitive psychology students took part in the experiment that allowed half the class to use phones, laptops and tablets while the other half were banned from using any devices.

The students were taught by the same instructor, using the same class materials, for roughly the same amount of time. The results showed that while using a phone in the class did not lower student’s scores in comprehension tests, it did affect their retention of class materials and long-term comprehension.

The results also showed that students who do not use electronic devices when they are allowed in class also performed poorly sie there were not in sync with their classmates, suggesting that technology can also damage the group learning environment.

Arnold Glass, who led the study, in a statement, said;

‘These findings should alert the many dedicated students and instructors that dividing attention is having an insidious effect that is impairing their exam performance and final grade,’

‘To help manage the use of devices in the classroom, teachers should explain to students the damaging effect of distractions on retention – not only for themselves, but for the whole class.’

Phone During Lectures
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