Lend A Helping Hand

Alexander fleming

A poor farmer once heard the loud screams of a young boy drowning in the swampy parts of the forest and ran to the rescue. He found the boy sunk to the waist in a swamp, sure to go down unless  rescued. Farmer Fleming saved the boy. The next day a grandly dressed nobleman came to repay the farmer’s kindness for saving his son’s life.


He was Lord Randolph Churchill. “No, I can’t accept payment for what I did,” farmer Fleming replied, waving off the offer. Just then the farmer’s son appeared at the cottage door, The Nobleman then offered to provide the farmer’s boy “with the level of education my son will enjoy”.

Farmer Fleming’s son attended the very best of schools, thanks to Lord Churchill. He went on to become the noted Sir Alexander Fleming, the discoverer of Penicillin. Years later, the nobleman’s son, Sir Winston Churchill, the Prime Minister of Great Britain was stricken with pneumonia.

And what saved his life this second time?, it was Penicillin!
What you invest in others may be very small but it comes back to you in many ways, far more greater than you can imagine. Try a little kindness and lend a helping

EDITOR’S NOTE: This story as real as it may seem is just a myth: Sir Fleming was confronted with the tale, he dismissed it as a wondrous fable, he also confirmed that Churchill was saved by the new sulphonamide drug, Sulphapyridine, known at the time under research code M&B 693 which Churchill later called, this admirable M&B.
What you learned from this myth is the most important.

Alexander fleming
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