Let’s Go To The Drive-in


This week my son and I wanted to go see the newest blockbuster movie. We didn’t want to deal with the crowds that show up for opening day, though.


While weighing the pros and cons of fighting the crowds and really wanting to watch the movie it dawned on me that we could just go to the drive-in.

That way we could avoid the long line at the theater and not have to worry about people with bad theater-going etiquette. No cell phones going off, people kicking the back of your chair, or endless chatter while we’re trying to watch the movie.

If you are lucky enough to live within driving distance of a drive-in movie theater, I suggest you head to one before they disappear.

A few years ago it was thought they would make a comeback, but movie distributors changed the format to digital and many of the drive-ins could not afford the equipment needed for the switch-over.

There are only slightly over 300 drive-in theaters left in the US and more and more close up every year, so you’ll want to take your family before they go the way of the phone-booth.

It’s really inexpensive; you can see a double feature for less than the price of one movie at an inside theater. If your local drive-in has a car load night, that’s a good time to go.

You pay one price for as many people as you can fit in your car. I’ve seen cars pull into spaces and an endless stream of people exit. Puts you in mind of the circus where all the clowns continuously pile out of their little clown car.

On this particular trip, we couldn’t stop laughing at the people that pulled a full-size couch from that back of a minivan. I kid you not.

They plopped happily down on that big old thing to enjoy the movie. For me, that’s taking it just a little over-board. I’m more of the take a lawn chair or blanket sort of guy, but hey, to each his own.


We packed our own refreshments at home first, which saves a lot of money too. Sandwiches, snacks, popcorn, and drinks carried in a cooler saves a trip to the expensive refreshment stand. Make sure to get a spot close to the restrooms so no-one has trouble getting back to the car in the dark.

I remember as a kid we would be dressed in our pj’s before leaving home and I carried on this tradition with my own kids. It just makes sense, because little ones tend to fall asleep when they are out in the fresh air and out later than usual.

This way they’re ready for bed and all you have to do is carry them in from the car. We even played at the playground at the drive-in in our pj’s.

I haven’t seen a drive-in with a playground for years, but we always spent time before the movie swinging on the swings and flying down the sliding board.

When I got older we would toss the Frisbee around before settling in for the movie and of course it made for a great date night.

I hope you all have a chance to go to the drive-in this summer. Make sure the battery in your car is well charged.

They don’t use those old fashioned speakers that you would hang on your window anymore. You listen through your car radio. Now, that’s progress.

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