Reef Fish See Colors That Human Cannot

Reef Fish

Research done at the Queensland Brain Institute has proved that some fish can see colors that the human eye cannot.

These are mostly the reef fish which is one of the most famous fish in the world thanks to the animated film Finding Nemo. The fish is called anemonefish but also known as Nemo.

This fish can see some of the colors that we cannot because it can see the UV wavelengths that we protect ourselves from most of the time.

Another fish that can do this is the Triggerfish but it also just can differentiate colors on another level as it is mostly confined to the colors that we too do see. These fish were found to see color in more detail in some of the regions that they were introduced to than humans.

A coral reef is one of the most colorful places on earth, and these fish do live there. It is very rare that you find them out of this territory and researchers have discovered that the different color schemes on the coral reef are attributed to the UV wavelengths that we cannot see.

Although these colors have been appearing and disappearing of late, it is mainly due to the global warming that has been going on. A professor in charge of the experiments that proved the fish could be able to see these different colors also had more to explain.

He said that the world of the fish being able to see the different colors that we can’t is beginning to be understood. This means that there can be some related applications of this in some near point into the future where we can be able to do a lot of thanks to this.

This research is not entirely confined to the ocean as it can be used in medical research. Yes, this color vision comparability can be utilized in the cancer detection. This is bound to save a whole lot more lives than right now.

Satellite design can also use this technology and advance in any area that is necessary. Data storage on the computers can also be addressed thanks to this technology, so this research is not entirely restricted to the ocean.

These applications are wonderful because they mean that this research is not only confined to the appreciation of the beauty of nature but being able to use it in the advancement of man.

Reef Fish
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