Returning To School As A Grown-up


There are many reasons that people drop out of college. You may not have been as prepared as you thought.  Were you unprepared to take charge of your own academic progress?


Did you spend more time killing brain cells than absorbing information?  Perhaps that frat party was a little too much like Animal House and you ended up becoming a parent.

Did you have to leave early to help with family concerns?  Whatever the reason, it is not too late for you to return to school.

Have you recently been thinking about what a shame it is that you never finished the degree you started in your younger years? Do you have credits just floating around somewhere that have never led to anything?

Going back to school now would show your kids the importance of getting a higher education and you could no doubt get a better paying job. Perhaps you just want to fulfill a lifelong dream of earning a diploma.

Returning to school as an adult to finish a degree can be challenging for sure, however it’s easier now than ever before.

Colleges and universities have seen such an influx of adult students in recent years that they have set up more programs to address the requirements of these non-traditional students.

Some offer student advisors with special training in the needs of returning adults, childcare centers on campus, and accelerated degree programs.

You’ll be able to choose between attending classes on campus, online, or a combination of both. As an adult it should be easier to settle on a major as you should have a more defined idea of what career you are interested in.

Being a grown-up means you are now responsible for paying for your education yourself and this can be a huge concern.


Along with all the other bills that go along with adulthood, parents also have extra expenses like Susie’s new braces or Johnny’s eyeglasses, among other things. Don’t let that discourage you. There is no age limit for receiving federal aid, so you should still fill out a FAFSA.

There are also as many scholarships available for adults as there are for kids. These run the gambit from traditional scholarships to those a bit more unusual.

Did you know there are scholarships for physical attributes such as being tall, short, left-handed, or redheaded?

Some are perfect for parents, like creating an interesting sandwich, common knowledge, writing an essay on the flavor of ice cream you would be or how to escape a zombie apocalypse, or for simply being a parent.

It’s a good idea to use an online website to help you in your search so you don’t miss out on any. They say you are never too old to learn and this could be the best time to go back and finish that degree once and for all.

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